Shooting Range

After many discussions on the topic the Board of the Lac Du Bonnet Wildlife Association has decided that the club would be best served if the club secured property and developed their own Shooting Range Facility. The Board feels that we need to offer a safety location to discharge our firearms, promote club competitions and to provide for the development of our youth in the shooting sports. The Board feels there is a need for a Rifle, Handgun, Trap, and Archery Ranges. We also believe that the property should support a Sporting Clays Course.

To this end, a committee was struck to find a suitable location and to secure the property. The committee has worked throughout the summer to establish this location. Several criteria were considered. A large open area with good road access is needed. Property needed to be reasonably priced and not requiring large development costs. On the regulation side the range would require backstops and berms to ensure bullet catchment, a long downrange safe area and sound management considerations for neighbors.

It is our hope to secure the property this winter and be in a position to begin development the summer of 2018.